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The Marriage Boss - Weekly Interviews with Today's Most Intriguing Entrepreneurial Personalities

The Marriage BOSS podcast brings you ENERGY and IDEAS to build a marriage and business that matters. Host Rick Gabrielly explores the connection between our work lives and our relationships. In conversations with today’s most intriguing personalities, each episode is filled with the hottest insights, tips and action steps to put you back in charge of your money and your marriage.

Sep 21, 2016

Join your host Rick Gabrielly, "The Marriage BOSS" and his special guest, Dr. Jennelle, as they dish about, why "Love Is Thicker Than Water"

Dr. Jennelle is a PhD Psychologist and Relationship Advisor at Big Change of Heart, where she helps people invest in and strengthen the love in their life. Whether transitioning out of an unfulfilling relationship, or into their great love, Dr. Jennelle provides support, guidance, and advice on the matters of the heart that matter most.

Nelle received her doctorate of philosophy in psychology in 2012 from Northeastern University after ten years of studying psychology. Her undergraduate work and dissertation focused on the investigation of mental health related behaviors in adults and children. Dr. Jennelle has taught abnormal psychology at the university level multiple times in addition to acting as an advisor to undergraduate students. Following her graduate work, Dr. Jennelle focused primarily in the physical health space; guiding others to reach their wellness goals through teaching nutrition courses, weight loss counseling, and fitness. Dr. Jennelle currently specializes in helping individuals embrace the big changes that come with choosing to live for love.

Jennelle is the co-parent of three amazing children (twin sons – The Tinies, and a daughter – The Little) and shares their life in a beautiful home just 20 minutes from the ocean with her partner-in-love. Jennelle is a cultivator of harmony and enjoys spending time with family and friends, relaxing outdoors in the sunshine over delicious food and beverage… just as much as she enjoys exercising with a soulmate workout, finding new tools to make her life more efficient, and learning from mentors who continually help her to *be better*.

You can find Nelle at or Dr. Jennelle on Facebook, and for all things Big Change of Heart you can go to Check out her Big Change of Heart Podcast and her free, private Big Change of Heart Community ( or


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