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The Marriage Boss - Weekly Interviews with Today's Most Intriguing Entrepreneurial Personalities

The Marriage BOSS podcast brings you ENERGY and IDEAS to build a marriage and business that matters. Host Rick Gabrielly explores the connection between our work lives and our relationships. In conversations with today’s most intriguing personalities, each episode is filled with the hottest insights, tips and action steps to put you back in charge of your money and your marriage.

Jan 16, 2016

Join your host, "The Marriage BOSS" Rick Gabrielly and his special guest, Jane Guyn, as they discuss The Secret of Connection and some surprisingly easy and comfortable ways to improve your conversations AND overall feelings about SEX.

Jane Guyn is one of the first Certified Professional Sex Coaches in the US. She also has a PhD in Clinical Sexology, is a Core Energy coach and is a UCLA trained registered nurse. Jane runs trainings for marriage and family therapists who want to feel comfortable talking about sex with their clients using her proven BEDROOM Method.

She also coaches men, women and couples virtually, in person and during customized weekend intensives. Jane is most proud of her passionate 30+year marriage to Jim who is her best friend and the love of her life. She wants her six children to grow up in a world where the beauty of sexuality is understood and appreciated without shame.

Jane lives in Portland, Oregon where her house is filled with cats, dogs and kids of all ages.

You can find her at


Jane has a wonderful gift for making the topic of sex easy to talk about and I thought she was the best example of what I wish I'd been taught as a younger person. This episode is filled with warm, easy to consume steps we can all take today to enhance this often avoided area of our lives.  


I'm honored to have Jane with us and am personally looking forward to many more chats with this amazing woman. She is certainly my favorite resource on this very important topic. 

*** Jane has put together a special program for our audience called "The Secret of Connection" and she's giving us 3 LIVE group calls plus a bunch of exciting bonuses to support our growth for only 97.00. (you'll hear some edits cuz it was orignally 197.00 and she made a late switch to bring even more value!!) 

BONUS: If you listen to this episode and jump over to this special site, Jane will be providing 3 one-on-one calls to the first fifty [Yes the first 50] people who buy, you'll get to have personal support from Jane directly!! I know it sounds crazy, but it's true. Please jump on this NOW!! 

Visit to watch her video and learn more!

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