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The Marriage BOSS podcast brings you ENERGY and IDEAS to build a marriage and business that matters. Host Rick Gabrielly explores the connection between our work lives and our relationships. In conversations with today’s most intriguing personalities, each episode is filled with the hottest insights, tips and action steps to put you back in charge of your money and your marriage.

Jul 22, 2016

Join host Rick Gabrielly, The Marriage BOSS, and special guest Lindsay Fischer as they discuss the difficult topic of infertility. Lindsay discovered through her own experience that one of the most stressful times in any woman's life is the two-week period between potential conception and administering a pregnancy test. In fact, this process can be so overwhelming, it can take a seemingly solid relationship and rock it to the core.

In true Lindsay fashion, she found the strength, resourcefulness and sass to turn lemons into lemonade with her latest word gift, The Two Week Wait Challenge: A Sassy Girl's Guide to Surviving the TWW.

Chock-full of easy, inexpensive self-care practices and positive affirmations, the challenge encourages women to preserve their sanity by taking brief moments for themselves each day. Plus, there is a quick way for partners to get involved in the goodness, reconnecting couples who are struggling to cope with infertility.

The Two Week Wait Challenge includes:

  • Self-care challenges to own each day of the TWW and beyond, including activities for your mind, body and spirit
  • Tone-setting positive affirmations, specifically selected for women who are trying to conceive
  • Sections dedicated to daily reflection and note-taking
  • An infertility dictionary with commonly used acronyms
  • Places for your partner to show you love (and finally feel involved)

Lindsay Fischer is a trauma-tested author who writes about her own experiences to help others feel less alone. A former English teacher and dance coach, a domestic violence survivor, and - now - a seemingly infertile Myrtle, she refuses to be silent about the things that change our lives. For her, those issues are domestic violence and infertility.

Lindsay Fischer graduated from Missouri State University with a Bachelor of Science in secondary education, English. Life got messy when she fell in love with a man who would become her abuser, and it pulled her from the classroom. After three years of trauma therapy, she saw an opportunity to use her voice against injustices and shame-filled adversity, blogging under the pseudonym Sarafina Bianco since 2009. She revealed her real identity in 2015 when her memoir, The House on Sunset, was re-released.

She currently lives with her husband and three dogs in St. Louis, Missouri. Her new book, The Two Week Wait Challenge: A Sassy Girl's Guide to Surviving the TWW, will be released August 1st, 2016.

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*** Publisher's Note: Lindsay holds a special place in Rick's heart since the Summer of 2014, when she served as the key content and grammar editor of his second book, Uncovering the Hidden Currency of Marriage. Working alongside Becky Dickson, she instilled in him the basics for sharing our message in as few words as possible. Since delivering her unique brand of sassy each step of the way, there is not a sentence that Rick writes without hearing her voice. Punctuation included! (Love You Capo. xxoo)

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