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The Marriage Boss - Weekly Interviews with Today's Most Intriguing Entrepreneurial Personalities

The Marriage BOSS podcast brings you ENERGY and IDEAS to build a marriage and business that matters. Host Rick Gabrielly explores the connection between our work lives and our relationships. In conversations with today’s most intriguing personalities, each episode is filled with the hottest insights, tips and action steps to put you back in charge of your money and your marriage.

Jul 10, 2016

Join host Rick Gabrielly, The Marriage BOSS, and special guest Jen Gilchrist, as she discusses how she found her passion for helping others speak from their authentic voice. Jen Gilchrist ~ Speaker, Soul Success Mentor As an Entrepreneur for 17 years and a Spiritual Mentor for 7 years, Jen Gilchrist, has gone from Struggling Single Mom to a 6-figure Business Owner - making money doing what she loves and empowering others to do the same. She supports messengers to gain clarity with their unique spiritual gifts and message, teaches them strategies that will take their business to next level of visibility, so they make a bigger impact in the world while experiencing new levels of freedom of time, energy and money in their purpose driven business. It is Jen’s gift and passion to work with coaches, authors, messengers and speakers take their soulful message out into the masses, so they can create a Big impact in the world. You can find Jen at She has a free gift for us here Her programs are here If you’d like to watch this interview head over to Rick’s YouTube Channel. If you liked what you heard, please subscribe on iTunes here. And leave us a stellar Rating and Review!! Grab THE BEST Marriage App, "The Marriage Buzz" app FREE here!! 35 Days of tips to make your relationship sizzle! And remember, “Open Arms, Open Doors”